Comments From a Recent Visitor

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Chris Lee

Chris Lee

“I visited Grace and Peace OPC back in March 2012 because I was in Maryland all the way from the STATE of California on a business trip. Immediately when you walk in, you will notice people of all ages and generations clamoring about and getting ready to worship our Sovereign Lord. The church isn’t simply limited to only 20-somethings or young adults, but truly a wonderful and wide range of people young and mature, earnestly striving to worship and love the Lord.”

“As worship is progressing, you will see that how the worship is conducted is really geared towards honoring and glorifying God to its fullest. It isnt “dead orthodoxy” or “dead liturgy” but truly, God honoring and faithful procedures during worship all designed with the intent for you not to look at yourself, but to elevate and honor our Lord.”

“Additionally, the people are warm and friendly, and will stay and chat with you to make you feel welcome.”

“If you are looking for a vibrant, and God fearing community, Grace and Peace church fits this description.”

“If you are a first time church visitor, or simply passing through, it would be worth your while to attend a Sunday service, and experience our Lord and the worship that He deserves!”