May I never be a blot or a blank in life,
cause the way of truth to be evil spoken of,
or make my liberty an occasion to the flesh.
May I by love serve others, and please my neighbour
for his good to edification.
May I attend to what is ornamental as well as
essential in religion, pursuing things that are
lovely and of good report.
May I render my profession of the gospel
not only impressive, but amiable and inviting.
May I hold forth the way of Jesus
with my temper as well as my tongue,
with my life as well as my lips.
May I say to all I meet,
I am journeying towards the Lord’s given place,
come with me for your good.
May I be prepared for all the allotments
of this short, changing, uncertain life, with
a useful residence in it,
a comfortable journey through it,
a safe passage out of it.
May I be in character and conduct like
the dew of heaven,
the salt of the earth,
the light of the world,
the fullness of the fountain.
May I never
be ashamed of Jesus or his words,
be deterred from fulfilling a known duty
through fear,
be discouraged from attempting it
through weakness.
May I see all things in a divine light so that they may
inform my judgment
and sanctify my heart.
And by all the disciplines of thy providence,
and all the ordinances of religion,
may I be increasingly prepared for
life’s remaining duties,
the solemnities of a dying hour,
and the joys and services
that lie beyond the grave.


Valley of Vision is copyrighted. This text was copied with permission from Banner of Truth.


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